Marina Sabio

         I am a Spanish artist born in Barcelona. For as long as I can remember, science and art have always been my passion.


My fascination for imagination and creativity made me follow an artistic path. I graduated in Audiovisual Communication -Cinema and TV-, and specialized studying a master’s degree in film direction. In university I learned how to tell stories, but I also kept exploring my very own ways of expression: soon enough, illustration and sculpture became my tools to create art and illustrate my stories.

I would love my characters to make you smile, and I wish they'll allow me to share my love for science and nature, because I believe imagination and creativity define not only artists, but also scientists. And that science and art share the same starting point - the fascination for nature and our endeavour to understand it and portray it.

"In one sense, everything that we discover is already there. A sculpted figure and the law of nature are both concealed in the raw material. And in another sense, what a man discovers is discovered by him. It would not take exactly the same form in the hands of someone else."


The Ascent of Man - Jacob Bronowski.


© Marina Sabio / Tiny Sparks.